September 29, 2018 - October 3, 2018
5 days of cycling and yoga in Catalunya

Northern Catalonia’s largest city, Girona is a less known jewel with its web of cobbled lanes, medieval walls and catalan charm. In the past years Girona has become a training destination and home of many worlds best pro cyclist. 12 guests discovered the foothills of the Pyrenees and the stretches towards the beaches of the Costa Brava during RIDE & REVIVE on the bike. The team of Girona’s The Service Course guided us through their beautiful Catalunya home terrain. Shirah Perry lead the Yin Yoga sessions with its long stretches and calming centering breaths and helped us to revive our bodies and minds after a long day on the bike. Beside the stunning scenery, challenging climbs one of the highlights was the visit at a local vineyard Celler Lopez-Schlecht, where we sample local cuisine, and of course their incredible course wine. Join us for one of our next RIDE & REVIVE adventures.


“What a truely reviving week! Based at a lovely country house, we enjoyed our daily rides along the breathtaking Costa Brava and in Gironas marvelous countryside. Never had so much fun during group rides and gained my first Yoga experience during the post-ride sessions at sunset.

Veronika, thanks for being such an amazing host! I am looking forward to the next ride with you!” — Sebastian Volk



R&R Girona – Definitely more than just ride and revive. Great food, awesome companions from all walks of life. Oh and did I mention a bit of fine wine? Made my trip all the way from Hong Kong totally worth it! — Ringo Tang

“This was my second RIDE & REVIVE experience with Veronika and team. Once again, the fabulous views, exceptional food, thoughtful details — and most of all, incredible humans — made it a trip for the memory books. I look forward to making these vacations as part of my yearly regimen of fun. Thank you V!” — Kiersten Geiger